Too Cool to School

Brookie trout swimming in school. This piece was inspired by fly fishing in the Roaring Fork Valley in Basalt. This is Gold medal waters at it’s finest. The Roaring Fork converges with the Frying Pan river and is a fly fisher person’s dream. The Frying Pan was named as in older days the fisherman would say there was so many fish that they would jump out of the water and land in your frying pan. 

It currently hangs at Heather’s Savory Pies and Tapas Bar on Midland Ave in Basalt.  Please stop by for a visit and a fabulous meal. They have music most nights and the deck is a delight with twinkling lights and great service. Say hi to Heather or Rene and if you purchase the painting you can say you caught several fish on your visit to the Roaring Fork Valley! 

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